Error 500 while accessing the settings page


I can’t access the settings page for a project. Just get a 500 internal error






Bash uploader

Commit SHAs


Codecov YAML


Codecov Output


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Access the settings page.

Expected behavior: Access settings page.

Actual behavior: Get a 500 internal server error.

Flakiness? Everytime.

Additional Information

I got here because I renamed/change the path of a project on my gitlab from “name” to “name-old” and then created a new repository with the previous “name”. I assume there’s some conflict because I didn’t remove the repository from codecov before doing this rename. My assumption is that its still connected to my project “name-old”. I was trying to access the settings page so i could reset/delete it from codecov so i could re-use the name.

Any help with this is appreciated because this is a server error its out of my control, unless there’s an alternative way to reset the project on code cov thats not through the settings page.

Thank you.

Hi @Alig96, thanks for pointing this out, I’ll look into it.

Hi @Alig96, we made a fix on our end, are you still seeing this issue?

Hi @tom thanks for the quick response and turn around. Unfortunately, I’m still encountering the 500 error :frowning: if you require anymore info from my side lmk.

@Alig96, could you provide a commit SHA or DM me the repository name?