Stuck on "Waiting for CI to complete"

Resposting here as requested from Stuck on "Waiting for CI to complete" · Issue #239 · codecov/codecov-action · GitHub


I work on multiple projects that use this action to upload, and I’m getting “Waiting for CI to complete” on many of them right now.

At first I was getting the “Unable to find commit in Github” error, but I fixed it as said in #190 (comment), but then, once I solved that, the “Waiting for CI to complete” message was still stuck there.


Commit SHAs


CI/CD or Build URL


Codecov GitHub action

Codecov Output

See CI\CD build url

Expected Results

No warning

Actual Results

“Waiting for CI to complete” warning banner on top of Codecov pages

@Jean85 does clicking the Push notifications now button in the build tab help?

No changes. All coverage uploads are already accounted for.

@Jean85 would you be able to push up a new commit so that we can investigate what’s happening for you here?

@tom done: Add whitespace · facile-it/terminable-loop-command@1bf86d1 · GitHub

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