Set option to calculate coverage as (h + p) / (h + p + m)

Language C++


I have a project that uses macros that show up as partial hits on execution. I like the idea of including branching information, but it creates a -10% coverage difference. Ideally, I’d like to refer to my branch information, but don’t want to take the coverage hit.

Could you add a flag that lets us calculate coverage as (h + p) / (h + p + m) instead of h / (h + p + m)?


Hey @madisetti,

We have this feature out of the box for our Javascript parser. We also have the option to enable branches (e.g., partials) on our GCOV parser:

      conditional: yes
      loop: yes
      method: no
      macro: no 

Would this help you in your C++ code coverage generation?


Thanks Jerrod,

I’m using lcov- and it would seem that these flags don’t apply. Here’s an example of a block I would expect to be totally green:


I don’t mind the branching highlights since they are useful for if statements etc… but the current calculation is the difference from me reporting ~90% test coverage to high 60s.

Proposed feature is more of a catch all for various reports, but I understand if it’s a wont-fix