Report stuck in processing - Unable to find report content in storage archive


I uploaded a report yesterday through Travis CI but it has gotten stuck in processing. I reran the CI several times so I don’t think it’s an issue with that. When I click on the report in question I get the error message: “Unable to find report content in the storage archive”

I would attempt to troubleshoot this myself if the error message wasn’t so vague. Also please note that this has worked perfectly for every commit up to this point


This is the repository

Here is the report in question

Hi @Lauraducky

This appears to be an issue we had last night that we did not know was customer impacting at the time.

It should be good now, but you may need to reupload that report.

Please let me see if you continue to see issues. We are digger deeper now that we are aware it was customer impacting.

I’ve pushed a couple more commits as well as rerunning the CI on the one that failed and this is where we’re at:

I think you had the bad luck of trying during a relapse of the earlier outage. Can I ask you to try once more, including with a new commit, if possible?

If you re still seeing issues, can you share the full commit SHA of the new commit so I can track it down in our logs?

I’m running into the same issue.
It was a fairly new repository, so I deleted all the info and re-started the “master” builds.

codecov url:

  • 693ec7147c6fa2bd06d90672f1c58ed4343d3199 => endless “Processing reports…”
  • 82937b67702da83d54dab434cdad35b9c231503c => “Unable to find report content in the storage archive.”

Hi @rivy

I believe this was

Can you upload the report(s) in question again and confirm this unsticks them?

Hi, same issue is happening to our project

It says - " Unable to find report content in the storage archive."

And report is stuck at processing.

We are using bash uploader, here is the CI build -