Missing files in codecov (but not in report)


Codecov is missing some of the files in my repo - but they do appear in the coverage report.

Notice how server.py and client.py are missing - but they show up on the report: https://codecov.io/codecov/v4/raw/2019-12-20/34749C3E1E6F8E0FD2B392F6B33CB864/2f2aa7bcdf794a57e132711f5e790e5d9b2bb7b5/acd4300b-d878-4196-b296-aa50f97fc396.txt


MoshiBin/ssdpy on github

Hey @MoshiBin – thanks for reaching out! I was not able to reproduce this bug / I do see these two files in your repo view:

Can you let me know if this is still an issue?


These aren’t the same files - there are “client.py” and “server.py” both in ssdpy/ and in ssdpy/cli/:

The ones outside of the cli folder aren’t in the coverage report