Legacy plan. No way to upgrade without paying. Aweful UX

I cannot create more than 2 private repos.

Github Handle: @joaumg (joaumg (João Gabriel Colombo) · GitHub)
Organizations: @colombo-marketing (colombo.marketing · GitHub)

You are using a Legacy Plan
Your current plan is part of our legacy per repository billing subscription. These plans have been removed in favor of per user billing. Your current plan will remain in effect unless changed by you.

However, the UI Slider (which is IMO a really bad UX experience only allows a minimum of 6 users, so you have to pay to upgrade, just to downgrade, which is ANOTHER bad UX experience…)

<div class="ui range" id="seats-range" data-min=" 6 " data-max="151" data-start="6"> ... </div>

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Hi @joaumg, apologies here I’m still taking a look to get a fix out to you. Thanks for your patience.

No worries. Thanks in advance.

Hi @joaumg, this has been updated. Thanks!

Hey Tom,

It was fixed for my user, but my organization is still in the legacy plan…

So it’s 50% fixed…

@joaumg got it, I’ll make an issue with the product team unless this is currently blocking you.

Hi @tom , yes it is…

The (5+) repositories of which I am seeking code coverage are in the organization …

Sorry to bother…

Kind regards,

I’m facing the same problem, one of my orgs is normal, the one that I need to change is displaying the same screen as joaumg