JS error on website

I try to visit https://app.codecov.io/gh/ljharb/es-create-array-iterator/branch/main, and there’s a JS error in the console ReferenceError: Can't find variable: analytics that seems to be preventing anything from loading below the Overview/Branches/Settings tabs.

Also, https://codecov.io/gh/ljharb/es-create-array-iterator says “no commits found on master”, but the default branch for this repo is “main”.

@ljharb, are you still seeing the analytics issue? I can’t seem to reproduce. As for the default branch, I think you need to change it here

Thanks, it seems to have been resolved in the last half hour.

Re the default branch, thanks, I updated it there, but I’d expect codecov to be able to read that from github automatically since there’s an API endpoint for it.

Actually, on second look, no - i’m still seeing the JS error here https://app.codecov.io/gh/ljharb/es-create-array-iterator/branch/main in Safari.

@ljharb, would you be able to provide a screenshot with the error? Still having some trouble reproducing it.

Sure. Here’s the stack trace:

[Error] ReferenceError: Can't find variable: analytics
	Global Code (main:1)
	(anonymous function) (gtm.js:665:427)
	c (gtm.js:667:99)
	Ub (gtm.js:489:309)
	e (gtm.js:563:277)
	(anonymous function) (gtm.js:479:116)
	(anonymous function) (gtm.js:564:297)
	(anonymous function) (gtm.js:564)
	Ji (gtm.js:564:586)
	Pi (gtm.js:567:154)
	Pl (gtm.js:599:239)
	Ql (gtm.js:602:86)
	(anonymous function) (gtm.js:604:92)
	(anonymous function) (gtm.js:603:222)

and here’s the screenshot:

Specifically, it seems like an error in Google Tag Manager, which I believe deploys JS code that engineers may not have reviewed, and is stored in the GTM admin console.

Thanks @ljharb, I’ve sent this to the product team to take a look and sorry for the inconvenience.

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