Introduce yourselves!

We love our community and want to learn as much as we can about you. Give us a quick introduction about yourself with some ideas below:

  • Current role
  • Location
  • Favorite developer tools
  • Favorite open source repositories
  • Why you love Codecov
  • Any other fun facts!
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Hi everyone! I’m Tom from Codecov where I am the developer relations lead. I’m based out of New York, and aside from Codecov, my favorite developer tools are vim and wakatime. As a python developer at heart, I’m in love with ipdb and profilehooks. I love that Codecov works deep in the developer workflow making it easier to handle code coverage. I am an avid rock climber, and I was a professional bartender.

Aside from being the best code coverage tool, Codecov has some of the most inspiring developers in its community, and I’m honored and humbled to be a part of it

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Hi all. I’m Ed, a Lead Frontend Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. Long time supporter of Codecov and help out with the codecov-node package. My favourite tools at the moment are VS Code and Cypress.

Codecov really gives me the piece of mind that my code is covered and I can see where I still need tests. I like to make it a game to see how high I can get the test coverage :smile:


I’m Joe. I love to torture nodejs into doing things probably better suited for other languages, dabble in other languages, and am a big fan of CI and code coverage. I generally try to get the numbers as high as possible too, even if it means my programs dont actually do anything. :innocent:

When not programming or working (hah!) I like hanging out in the woods or near the water. My friends have not yet convinced me I’m not Groot.