"ignore" option of codecov.yml is not working

I set the following ignore options on my “codecov.yml” files.
However, those files are still shown on my report in “https://codecov.io”.
Does anyone know what is the problem?


  • path1/path2/path3/file_name.go
  • path4/path5/path6/file_name.go
  • .*/aaa.go
  • .*/bbb.go

And number 3 highlighting that ignore isn;t working

I also cannot get this feature to work.

Hi @amiller-isp

This is likely due to the codecov.yml file being invalid and silently failing. Can you provide a recent commit SHA so I can take a look?

Our repo is private but here is my codecov.yml file. It lives in the root of the repo. It validates correctly and appears in the build YAML tab for the commit associated with the coverage report but none of the ignored paths are honored in the report.

# Limitations in Codecov mean that this file must live in the
# root directory and cannot be a hidden file.

  precision: 1
  round: down
  range: "50...80"
        # Do not fail PRs if the code coverage drops.
        target: 0%
        threshold: null
        base: auto

  # Ignore coverage for generated and third party code.
  - "cc/build/**/*"
  - "cc/mcsamples/**/*"
  - "cc/proto/**/*"
  - "cc/third_party/**/*"
  - "src/cc/build/**/*"
  - "src/cc/mcsamples/**/*"
  - "src/cc/proto/**/*"
  - "src/cc/third_party/**/*"
  # Ignore coverage for executable main() files.
  - "cc/cmd/**/*_main.cc"
  - "cc/testing/*_main.cc"
  - "src/cc/cmd/**/*_main.cc"
  - "src/cc/testing/*_main.cc"

This is invalid. You can set it to 0% if you would like. I’m still able to view your SHA as it travels though our system, if you could provide that I would be able to tell if there any any other errors


It looks like the threshold is still set to null. Can you please change it to 0%?

I have updated all our docs examples to remove nulls.

EDIT: Customer opened a ticket, resolving this thread. Will respond here if this is more then a single user issue.