Confusion regarding team bot setup


I got confused regarding the usage of team bots.
I read the documentation here:
I tried to setup my team yml by adding only two lines to define the bot:

  bot: herf

The bot’s username is my username both on bitbucket and on codecov, I hoped it would work, but it did not.
The web page says, my current bot is still None.
According to the doc I need to log in with the bot account. But since I can only log in with bitbucket credentials, that means I need to have a separate bitbucket account which has access to my repo in question. Is that right?
Some clarification would be helpful, I do not want to create an unnecessary bitbucket account without knowing it would work.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Also, I realized things were kind of OK, until 2 April, codecov was posting coverage results to bitbucket for every commit. Although the commit author was always unknown in codecov.
Then I changed the config yaml, and since then nothing works. Codecov posts nothing to bitbucket, but can figure out the author of the commits - although profile pictures are broken. Also, since I changed the config yaml, I got the “Waiting for CI to complete” message for every commit. I guess that is the root cause for codecov not updating my commits in bitbucket.

Hey @herf, sorry to hear about the really bumpy start to your usage of Codecov. We aspire for much smoother.

Can you link to the repo in question so we can see on our side too?

Some points: yes, your bot account will need to log in, in can be your account though. Some people prefer to have a non-personified bot account / new bitbucket account so no individual is on the hook to post comments and receive notifications.



Thanks for looking into the issue (?) :slight_smile:
Here is my repo on codecov:

And here it is on bitbucket:
There is a commit on 2020-03-04 (sha:
) which is the last one with report from codecov.
I hope it helps!


Hi @herf, just an update that we are digging into this issue to see why it might be happening.