Commit details and number of uploads within Github PR comment


Currently the PR comment is posted / updated as and when new reports come in (subject to config settings).

I would be happy for the comment to be posted and updated if it showed it as “in progress” or similar to highlight that it is subject to change.


Include some details in the PR comment about the “latest details” when the comment was last updated – e.g. a commit hash, number of uploads received (ideally compared to the “normal” or expected number usually received), and perhaps “last updated” text in the comment itself.

Regarding the “status update”, text similar to this would work well:
“This comment is based on commit xyz987 but it is now outdated - 4 coverage reports for the commit abc123 have been received, and this comment will be updated once 25 (or more) coverage reports have been uploaded.”


At the moment, the only way to see when the comment was last updated is to click through to the edit history.


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