Code file coverage report: GitHub API Forbidden - "Is the path ... a relative path in your repository?"


When I click to see code coverage in a specific code file (URL below) I receive a page with 2 errors: “GitHub API Forbidden” & “Is the path src/index.ts a relative path in your repository?”

I would be thinking that this is a problem of how my coverage is reported vs the repository file structure EXCEPT: if I’m logged into CodeCov this link works and shows the coverage for that code file just fine.

So, why would being authenticated in CodeCov fix either a GitHub authorization error (on a public repo) or a repository relative path issue??




Windows 10 / Chrome

Nevermind. After logging out of both GitHub and CodeCov this link is suddenly working. After logging in and out of both services the link still works… random fluke / small bug waiting to be found I guess…

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