Cannot disable codecov/patch check?


I have recently implemented tests and code coverage reports on the R package mombf using codecov. I have tried to disable the comment and the codecov/patch, but I cannot seem to make it work as intended.

For example, this PR has no comment but has codecov/patch check and this other one has comment and codecov/patch. I think I am correctly following the docs on patch: no and comment: off.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @OriolAbril

It would be patch: off as discribed here:

It looks like you tried no and the default: block, which should not work

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Hi @drazisil,

Sorry for the late reply. I am using now off instead of no or default: block and I still see the codecov/patch check (I think I have tried no, false, off and default: block but at this point I have completely lost track). Moreover, I also see the comment even though I have comment: off. Link to the PR again

Any explanation?