Add support of uploading from Cirrus CI without token


Add support of uploading from Cirrus CI without token


I see “Repository Upload Token” and:

Note: Token not required for public repositories uploading from Travis, CircleCI or AppVeyor.

Please, add Cirrus CI to this list.




Current website version.

Hi @AlexWayfer

We are able to do this for the other CI providers because we can use their API to confirm the upload is happening as part of a running job.

As far as I know, Cirrus CI doesn’t have an API that allows us to do this, so this feature is not possible or planned. If this changes, we will be happy to take another look and prioritize.

Hi. Did you see ? Just the first link in Google search, but I’m not sure that this is suitable for your usage.

Not sure. Checking with the engineer who generally handles the tokenless code :slight_smile:

Hi, two weeks passed, what is progress?

Hi @AlexWayfer!

Ib here from Codecov - thanks for your question. From a preliminary analysis, the cirrus api seems to be returning the proper information needed to support tokenless. The only thing I’d be concerned about is rate limiting - I can’t seem to find any information about that on their website.

In terms of an implementation timeline, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get to this right away, but I will definitely put in a ticket for this on our backlog


Thank you!

Here is Cirrus CI member, you can contact with him about rate limits or other questions:

There are rate limits on mutations via the API but there are no limits at the moment on reads and I believe you only need to read from the API. I’m willing to help in any way to adopt tokenless uploads from Cirrus. Please let me know how can I help. Here is my email:

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Hey all, just updating that this feature is in our backlog and we will prioritize depending on interest from our general community. Thanks!


Hi all, thanks again for your patience here. We’ll look into getting this supported in the next few weeks.

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Excuse me, but how many “few” weeks? One month (4 weeks) have already passed.

Hi @AlexWayfer apologies on the delay here. This is very much on my roadmap, but we are currently in the process of refactoring key parts of this system. In order to prevent double work, we are waiting for that to be completed first.

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OK, thank you, will wait.